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Hull 2017 - v2 1

Digital legacy: looking beyond Hull UK City of Culture 2017

12th June, 2017

Hull 2017 is everywhere. Every newspaper, arts publication and culture blog has covered the project and the unique programme of events just keeps on giving.

As millions of visitors descend upon the city to experience 365 days of culture, it would be easy for the project’s organisers to devote their sole attention to delivering an amazing year of events. Despite this, the question of legacy beyond 2017 has remained central to the Hull City of Culture strategy.

From the inception of the bid, the Hull team acknowledged digital needed to be at the heart of their proposal if they were to deliver an experience that truly leaves a legacy for Hull and it’s people.

The centrality of digital in their vision was one of the reasons we were so excited to be appointed to design and develop the official Hull 2017 digital platform.

Federation House

Federation House: Creating a brand identity for Co-op Digital’s new home

6th February, 2017

2016 was a big year for the Co-op. With the announcement that 100 new stores are set to open and a major rebrand now in place, there is an unmissable and exciting new energy in the organisation that has been such an integral part of Manchester’s narrative for over 180 years.

This new zeal and vision are helping the organisation to build on and celebrate the Co-op’s unique heritage and values. The 2016 rebrand drew inspiration from their 1968 brand identity and logo and the wider Co-op team have been busy translating the Co-op’s longstanding principles into the modern digital age in which the organisation now exists.

An important catalyst for change has been the creation of the new Co-op Digital team, whose ambition is to build on the company’s brand values to create new digital products, services and platforms that will support new and future Co-op businesses and customers.

Now Cook It 4

Let's get cooking!

30th January, 2017

We’ve been working on a fantastic new foodie project recently and now the prep work is done and the worktops are wiped down, we’re ready to announce what we’ve been cooking up these past few months!

We’re delighted to introduce ‘Now Cook It’, a free online cooking course to inspire the nation to get cooking, brought to you by Co-op and SORTEDfood

500 Words 2017 C

500 Words is back!

16th January, 2017

Since 2014, we’ve worked with the BBC to help develop their Radio 2 500 Words competition and we’re very happy to announce that the 2017 competition site is live and ready for submissions! 

With each year that’s passed, the competition has grown in popularity and with that the needs of the audience have evolved. Last year the total submissions to the site reached over 100,000 with most of the submissions coming through on deadline day! With that in mind, 2017 seemed like the perfect opportunity to revisit the site’s core functionality to ensure that it is truly built to meet the needs of its users.