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Abi follow up interview

Abi joins the mN design team

25th February, 2016

Last summer we had grad-to-be graphic design student Abi in the mN studio for some work experience. Abi came in for a taste of digital design within an agency environment and after two busy weeks working with the mN design team, we knew Abi had great potential to be a brilliant designer and equally enjoyed her time here, so we hired her!

Six months later, now seems like the perfect time to catch up with Abi to see how she’s finding life at mN…

Hello again! So, it’s been half a year since you officially started at mN. Is it safe to say you’ve settled in?

Yes! It’s great to say I’m part of the mN design team. I was pretty nervous to begin my first ‘official’ day but everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. The fact I had literally just finished university didn’t seem to bother anyone either; I’m treated the same as everyone else, regardless of background or experience which is a lovely feeling.

How did you find the transition from student to professional?

It’s strange because it felt so normal, it was a very smooth transition and I wasn’t expecting that at all. I still think about how six months ago I was in a different city, hitting deadlines and finishing projects for my degree and now I’m creating stuff for clients; this time last year none of this would have seemed possible, it’s crazy.

Are there any particular projects you’ve really enjoyed working on?

To be honest, every project I’m involved in has offered something completely different so it’s hard to say. Working with King on their social media content was great, it taught me to stay within a client’s brand guidelines whilst pushing boundaries to deliver better results.

I’ve also enjoyed getting involved in the projects mN has worked on through BBC’s UX & D Roster and developing the branding for HOLDEN’s e-commerce site. I get excited on every project I’m involved in, because there’s a learning curve for every new idea, concept or approach.

Have you learnt any tips or advice from the mN design team?

SO much. It’s the small things every day. I’ve never felt apprehensive to ask questions and everyone has their own approach and contribution to offer for projects so this helps massively. It’s incredible what we can come up with when we put our ideas together.

I have also learnt about how different teams work together, I’ve gained a lot of insight about agency life and the importance of understanding each other. From producers to designers, developers to the client services team; ultimately you’re working together to bring something fresh and exciting to the client.

As a Visual Designer, how do you look for inspiration?

This is something I think about all the time. My theory is, if you want to be inspired, you can’t go looking for it but you have to be ready for when it approaches you. I don’t see other designers and think ‘inspiration’ because I don’t aspire to be that person.

Nor do I think it’s about anything predominantly design related, it stems from attitudes and experiences in life; from how you were brought up to day to day occurrences. I’ll be going for a walk, something will just come to me and all of a sudden it hits me (whatever that is).

What’s your fondest memory of mN so far?

I think one of the nicest memories of mN was my first lunch time, everyone gathered around the dinner table for an hour to eat and talk about non work related things. It really struck me about the importance of having time away from your desk and talking to people you may not necessarily have chance to normally, mN hold that value strongly so it’s a reminder of the warm environment here.

And finally, the most important question… who makes the best brew at mN?

Well, without causing a fight (sincere apologises to the rest of team) if there was going to be a winner of the brew making challenge – I’ve thought about this a lot – it would have to be our Senior Designer Mike Milner because he's the brew captain. P.S. you all drink way too much tea, I never drank this much before.

Here’s to the next 6 months for Abi, we’re excited to see what it brings.

Brew anyone?