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Walls&Pictures - Aliyah

Aliyah Hussain adds a splash of colour to Walls & Pictures

6th August, 2015

With summer turning out to be more than a little unpredictable this year, for the second instalment of our exhibition series Walls & Pictures, we wanted something bright and beautiful to bring a bit of sunshine to the mN studio. So we were delighted when we came across the wonderful work of Aliyah Hussain. Originally from Blackburn, Aliyah is a visual artist based in Manchester. She’s a busy lady; with her practice encompassing performance, photography, painting, printmaking, collage, sound and costume. Aliyah experiments with different media and techniques to create works that reference futurist narratives, utopian visions and ritualistic practices embedded in the everyday. She is also interested in experimenting with distortion, using colours, forms and sculptural motifs as a means to create unexpected structures and disruptions in the landscape; blurring the distinction between the real and the imaginary.

Much of her work takes place outdoors, relying on the forces within nature to complete it – using objects such as flags, kites and banners. By extracting the shapes and colours and using them in an abstract way, Aliyah is developing a form of visual communication that isn’t reliant on spoken language.

For the Walls & Pictures exhibition, she has been kind enough to share with us a selection of pieces from her collection, including beautiful illustrative drawings, digital prints and mixed media embroidery.

The collection is now up on our wall and looking great - Aliyah’s bold, graphic designs make a lovely addition to the mN studio.

If you’re interested in Aliyah’s work, head to her website to find out more:   

Walls & Pictures showcases work from our favourite creative people and will be running in the mN studio throughout the year. If you'd like to see your work in our next exhibition please send us a note with some examples to