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The mN Balcony -2

The mN Balconies

14th July, 2014

Our space is really important to us and the way we work.  That includes the outdoor space we have – our balconies. We are up on the fifth floor of an old Victorian mill building in the centre of Manchester and have two balconies that we use as an extension of our studio space.

During the warmer months we eat out there a lot, host meetings outside and they have been the scenes of some serious (tipsy and blindfolded) piñata bashing at parties we’ve had over the years.  There were some very incriminating videos of that night we had to destroy but that’s another story.

We’d never grown anything out there until about two years ago, when our studio manager Sarah decided that we needed some green in our lives.  She set about cultivating a whole host of plants and flowers including Dahlias, Foxgloves and lots of herbs and berry bushes.

All her efforts mean that we now have a lush and fragrant space…plus most of the ingredients to make Pimms growing within a metre of our desks. Bonus!

During the summer, if you live in a city centre like Manchester it can often be hard to find an outdoor space that you don’t have to jostle with thirty other people to use.  Our love of our own balconies and our passion for blending digital and physical environments has actually inspired a new pilot project we are working on.

We’ll be announcing more details about the project, which will launch as part of Manchester’s Urban Gardening Festival ‘Dig the City’ in August, soon.