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Base Glasgow Conference

Base Glasgow Conference

13th November, 2013

Yesterday, Ray spoke at Base Glasgow - a Low-carbon built environment & infrastructure conference and exhibition.

In a day pretty full with talks about high-level top-down approaches to changing cities and the use of data, Ray’s session ‘Smarter Cities: The Virtuous Circle’ was centered around how we need to bring the focus to the actual people within cities, enabling them to make changes and design their cities as they want them to be.

He was on a panel with Jamie Caffrey from IBM, Andy Kerr from Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and our good friend architect, Jim Webster from Haus Collective – with whom we have worked closely on the NOMA project.

The key theme for Ray’s talk was focused on how we affect change in behaviour through design and smart city infrastructure. As well, as talking about the work we are doing with NOMA particularly how our approach looks to cross technology advancements with an understanding of how people interact and a digital approach to design, he talked about examples where data has been used effectively including interesting projects like the Neighbourhood Scoreboards project in Sydney.

He also talked about the totally opposing views on using data to influence performance that Brad Wiggins and Mark Cavendish have. Wiggins reliant on it and Cavendish ignoring data and claiming it's about feeling. As a cycling nut Ray uses ANY example he can to draw parallels with the cycling world and his point here was when designing cities that data will work for some people but not for all.

Ray and Tom (our head of business development and also the person responsible for the quite shocking sepia-esque picture that accompanies this piece), really enjoyed the session and the whole event. Any excuse to go to Glasgow is always good by us.