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BBC Commissioning: website redesign and build

7th July, 2015

We’ve partnered up with the BBC to work on a new website for BBC Commissioning. The site provides potential and existing BBC partners with up to date information on commissioning opportunities from across the broadcaster’s TV, Radio and Online divisions.

mN were asked to redesign and build a new site that was both functional and dynamic thus enhancing the overall experience for potential BBC suppliers (mainly third party independent companies) exploring the commissioning processes and opportunities available.

We worked with the BBC to produce something fresh and engaging to replace the old site that was lacking inspiration, creating a brand new design scheme for the site’s homepage as well as for its three main sections: TV, Radio & Online. Each section is designed with its own personality to suit the content and audience. For example, rich video content provided by the commissioning team sits at the heart of each page of the TV area.

As part of the redesign we’ve adapted the site’s existing architecture to enable more productive and rewarding journeys for users, providing much simpler navigation routes through content so the audience can move seamlessly through the visual signposts to find the information they need - from live opportunities and news to newly developed content like the Delivery Timetable in each area.

We are delighted with the site and hope that it will encourage talented external parties to engage with the BBC. Got an idea? Give it a try.