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BBC extends its relationship with magneticNorth

8th September, 2015

We’re delighted to announce that we have now officially formed two new partnerships as part of our role on the BBC User Experience and Design Roster.

In addition to our work with the BBC Sport and BBC Live teams, this means that our relationship now also includes:

BBC Red Button – This team are responsible for delivering both the connected TV experience and the broadcast Red Button service across the BBC.

Content Discovery – Spanning the whole of BBC Digital, this team helps audiences get the most from the BBC - using features such as the homepage and search.

mN is one of six companies on the BBC’s UX&D Roster.

Tom Hackett, our Head of Client Services, had a few words to say about this great news:

"We've had a fantastic last 12 months working with BBC Sport and BBC Live. It's a credit to the UX and Design team here at mN that we’ve been given the opportunity to extend our relationship with the BBC in this way and we’re all looking forward to working together over the coming year."