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BBC Sport Mobile usage soars over the festive period

7th January, 2014

Our clients, BBC Sport (we designed the new BBC Sport mobile site ready for the 2012 Olympics), have just released their data from the Christmas period – which shows some really impressive numbers in terms of mobile usage.

They revealed that almost three-quarters of traffic to the BBC Sport website now comes from mobile and tablet devices.

Bolstered by a football heavy festive period including lots of games on both Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, the site attracted its highest number of UK daily unique browsers outside of the London 2012 Olympics.

Mobiles contributed over 3 million unique browsers on Boxing Day – breaking the 3m milestone for the first time – before setting a new record on New Year’s Day with 3.1m unique browsers. Tablets also set a record of 1.3m unique browsers on Boxing Day before passing the 1.5m barrier for the first time on New Year’s Day.

Chris Condron, Head of Product for BBC Sport, says: “These figures highlight just how essential hand-held devices have become to our audiences. We’ve seen this trend grow throughout the year, culminating in record figures over the festive period when tablets and mobiles are a popular gift in many homes across the UK. We’ll continue to iterate and improve our digital services throughout a massive year of sport in 2014, making sure people get the best possible experience on any device they want, wherever they want.”

We really agree with Chris' final point about creating the best possible experience on whatever device people want, wherever they want it. It goes without saying that approach is a given in everything we do.

You can read the full piece on the BBC Media Centre.