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mN Recommends: Connected Digital Economies Catapult Centre

24th November, 2014

Last week Tom and Ian from our new business team were at the newly opened ‘Connected Digital Economies Catapult Centre’ in London. The space opened in early November and is pitched as ‘a national centre to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas’.

The centre provides a physical place where businesses can connect and collaborate with a whole host of different experts to help advance their ideas from concept to commercialisation.

To celebrate the launch, the Catapult is holding a seven week long programme of talks, sessions and seminars which aims to connect and celebrate innovators working within data, content and the Internet of Things.

As well as attending a number of the seminars magnetic North were also invited to showcase an example of our work as part of the launch exhibition within the centre’s ‘Innovator Centre’.  

Sitting alongside other best-of-the-best British technology and data innovation projects and prototypes, we had the opportunity to showcase our MiGuide product. 

MiGuide is a digital wayfinding project we developed in collaboration with Manchester City Council. The network of interactive touchscreens offer residents and visitors to the city real-time information about getting around the city and making the most of all it has to offer. MiGuide is powered by Cord a digital screen management system created by mN.

CDEC is a brilliant new hub for those of us working in the digital space and well worth considering as a meeting venue or workspace in London. 

Fim: Rockabox

Image: Paul Clarke