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Desert Island Discs, Nancy Rothwell

Desert Island Discs update: Nancy Rothwell kicks off 2015 with a bang

13th January, 2015

Happy New Year to you!  As we embark upon another year of exciting projects, we’re delighted to share an update on one of our favourites.

Over the last few months, mN have been working hard with the team at Radio 4 to update the Desert Island Discs’ website. The iconic show aired its 3000th episode late last year, adding to its already impressive digital archive of interviews available to explore online.

The latest version of the site is now fully responsive allowing for a much smoother experience across mobile and tablet. When visiting Castaway pages via mobile it is now possible to search the archive using filters including luxury item or musical choices.

We hope that the updates will make it easier for you to explore the archive and enjoy the stories and musical choices of all 3000+ castaways!

The first interview of 2015 proved to be one of the most inspiring yet surprising to date. As one of Manchester’s leading scientists and businesswomen, we were very excited to learn more about Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell and her record collection. 

Most famous for her contributions to the field of neuroscience and stroke research, Nancy Rothwell gave listeners an insight into her unique career in higher education. Rothwell’s anecdotes covered a range of topics from fashion faux pas’ to fast cars; her account of an incident involving a monkey at the famous Royal Institution Christmas Lectures was particularly eyebrow-raising.

As President and Vice Chancellor of The University of Manchester, Nancy is primarily responsible for the running of the University as a business yet what comes across most strongly in the interview is her unrelenting love of science. Clearly, Rothwell’s desire to drive society forward resonates with Manchester’s innovative thinkers past and present. From Alan Turing to Brian Cox, the city and its occupiers have always been at the forefront of innovation.

When choosing her 8 tracks, Rothwell noted that she “passionately loves” Manchester and as a result of its extensive music scene “had to choose a Manchester band”. We very much enjoyed Nancy’s choice, My Oh My by Sad Café.

At mN, we are proud to be working at the heart of Manchester and its creative drive for innovation. We hope ambassadors like Nancy continue to inspire new generations of thinkers. 


Listen to the interview with Dame Nancy here.