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mN Recommends: Digital Revolution at The Barbican

4th September, 2014

Over the last few months, quite a few of the team at Magnetic North have been to the Digital Revolution exhibition at The Barbican.

The immersive and interactive exhibition brings together a range of artists, filmmakers, architects, designers, musicians and game developers, all pushing the boundaries of their fields using digital media.

It also looks at the developments in the areas of creative coding and DIY culture and the endless creative possibilities offered by things like wearable tech and 3-D printing.

We spent a good few hours wandering around but our collective highlight has to be the historical computing section at the start of the exhibition – Digital Archaeology.

It looks at the history of the digital revolution, with hardware and projects set out in a timeline. We loved seeing work like Chris Milk's "The Wilderness Downtown" for Arcade Fire and Jonathan Harris’s "We Feel Fine" project alongside the things that many of us grew up with, including The Sims, Gameboys and Game & Watch LCD games like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros (which Magnetic North's Head of New Business Tom says he still has a “boat load of”).

It was fascinating seeing all these familiar digital projects elevated into an exhibition environment and getting the chance to explore the links and influences between them.

Another highlight for many of us was the Creative Spaces section. It explores how visual effects have developed from James Cameron’s The Abyss back in the day through to Tim Webber’s Oscar-winning visual voodoo in Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. We love to pull things apart and so naturally liked seeing all the elements that made up the final shots.

There is loads to see, touch and play with throughout the exhibition and well worth a visit before it finishes on 14th September.