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5th February, 2014

We've long been attendees of FutureEverything and last year our CEO Lou was appointed as Chair of the Festival, which attracts an eclectic mix of speakers and audience from all over the world. Now in its 19th year, FutureEverything brings people together to discover, share and experience new ideas about the future.  Pioneering the idea of a ‘festival as laboratory’, it combines innovative art and performance with new technology, insightful discussion and playful social experimentation. The theme for this years festival, which takes place from the 27th March until the 1st April, is 'Tools for Unknown Futures'.

There is loads to look forward to and the team here are particularly looking forward to listening to what Liam Young, the architect who founded the urban futures think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today has to say. We are also hopefully heading out en-masse to see DARKSIDE - the collaborative duo of electro producer Nicholas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington who are playing at The Ritz.

There's so much on that is worth checking out and if you do come to Manchester for the festival our studio door is always open, so feel free to come and say hi.