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Digital legacy: looking beyond Hull UK City of Culture 2017

12th June, 2017

Hull 2017 is everywhere. Every newspaper, arts publication and culture blog has covered the project and the unique programme of events just keeps on giving.

As millions of visitors descend upon the city to experience 365 days of culture, it would be easy for the project’s organisers to devote their sole attention to delivering an amazing year of events. Despite this, the question of legacy beyond 2017 has remained central to the Hull City of Culture strategy.

From the inception of the bid, the Hull team acknowledged digital needed to be at the heart of their proposal if they were to deliver an experience that truly leaves a legacy for Hull and it’s people.

The centrality of digital in their vision was one of the reasons we were so excited to be appointed to design and develop the official Hull 2017 digital platform.

Since 2015, we have been working with Hull and ticketing partner Spektrix to deliver a digital experience that embodies Hull’s digital ambitions.

For the full story of what we did and how we did it, head to the Hull 2017 case study. You can also find out more in Communicate magazine's 'Digitising Hull's Cultural Communities' piece. 

We are extremely proud of our work on Hull and are pleased to say that the engagement figures have been staggering; with more than 8 million page visits from 1.2 million unique users since launch. On the Season 2 / 3 launch day alone we saw over 5000 tickets and merchandise items purchased, many of whom were Hull and Humberside residents.

With Hull setting the standard for digital experience, other aspiring Cities of Culture are looking to the city and it’s partners for guidance on how to implement a successful cultural strategy that truly engages and unites people.

At the same time, the Hull team are continuing their work to ensure all that has been built up during 2017 will continue to serve the city and its people beyond its City of Culture status.

Over the coming months the Hull team will be sharing details of their legacy plans, including a strategy for digital engagement beyond 2017.