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Manchester digital agency magneticNorth takes on Hyper Island apprentice

25th November, 2014

We’ve long been fans of the Hyper Island way of learning therefore it was a natural step for us to take on someone from their new Manchester based Digital Apprenticeship scheme. That someone is Charles Browne who joined us a few months back.

Charles is 19 and a few months into his yearlong tenantship at Manchester digital agency magnetic North, he says he loves “working in such a creative environment and having people with loads of experience to help guide him.”

Thanks Charles. We love you too.

The Digital Apprenticeship scheme in Interactive Design and Development offers school or college leavers with a passion for digital an alternative route to kick start their career in digital design or development. 

Charles spends a couple of days every few months back at Hyper Island HQ to meet up with the other apprentices. At the end of the programme, which runs for fifteen months, he’ll come out with a Level 4 diploma qualification and a glowing endorsement from us about what brilliant talent he is.