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mN recommends: LadiesThatUX

22nd August, 2014

It feels like there is some sort of meet-up or geek-out going on in Manchester every night of the week. The magnetic North team goes to lots of the events and nights that people put on (as well as hosting our own movieNight) and we thought that it was time that we gave a shout out to one of the meet-ups we’ve been really enjoying recently. Step forward LadiesThatUX.

LadiesThatUX are a friendly and collaborative bunch of women who get together once a month to talk about all things UX and life in general. They are open to anyone (even guys if they really want to go along) who is interested in making the world a better place for users – it doesn’t matter whether or not you have UX in your job title.

Started by Lizzie Dyson and Georgie Bottomley in Manchester 12 months ago, they now have ‘chapters’ in over 15 different cities, from Brighton to Barcelona to Boston. And are launching in even more locations over the next few months. 

As part of our recent on-demand garden project, Plot, the group held their August gathering there. They had a picnic to celebrate their 1st birthday party and we were so pleased to be able to be part of the celebrations. We got to eat cake while we had some really interesting conversations around everything from specific UX problems through to bigger questions about design techniques and best practices.

It was a properly lovely afternoon with a great turnout (you can read a full review from Lizzie on their blog) and the sun did what it is supposed to do and shone.

The magnetic North team are looking forward to the next meet-up on 17th September, which will bring with it a new format and new location (Whiskey Jar in the Northern Quarter). You can find more details about that meet-up and meet-ups in other cities via their Twitter.