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MiGuide Screens Launch

1st November, 2013

Today the team headed down to Exchange Square in Manchester city centre for the official launch of a digital wayfinding project we’ve been working on with Manchester City Council. In typical Manchester stylee it was raining as one of the ‘MiGuide’ interactive screens were unveiled by Councillor Murphy (Executive Member for Environment for Manchester City Council) but it was thrilling to see members of the public start using them literally the moment he’d cut the virtual ribbon.

The network of MiGuide screens (there are ten across the city centre) offer locals and visitors loads of information about getting around the city and making the most of their visit.  We created a digital screen management system (called Cord) which provides location-specific information about everything from events, attractions and nightlife to shopping, food and drink, accommodation and transport. For example if you are hungry and find yourself in St Ann’s Square, you can use the screen there to search through a range of restaurant and café options nearby, with directions, distance and transport details if necessary.

The MiGuide screens sit as part of ten new interactive kiosks, designed by Peter Saville, which have been introduced by Manchester City Council and its outdoor advertising partner MediaCo around the city. In addition to the MiGuide screens each kiosk has two interactive advertising screens.

We’ll write a fuller piece about the project once we start to get more reactions from the public using them (all feedback today was really positive!) but are so proud after many months work to see the beautiful interactive screens out there in the world. If you're in Manchester and have a go on a screen let us know what you think at @mNwork