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Abi Nelson: my week with mN

5th May, 2015

It’s always refreshing to have new and exciting talent in the building. So when 20 year old graphic design student, Abi Nelson, asked to join us for a week’s work experience, we were delighted to accept.

Abi is currently completing the final year of her degree at Leeds College of Art and has aspirations of becoming a world class graphic designer. Go Abi! On her final day at the mN studio, we sat down with her to see how she got on.

How have you found your time at mN?

Brilliant! No seriously; really, really good. Even though people have been super busy, it’s been really relaxed. It’s been a great opportunity to work on a range of briefs with people from the whole mN team.

What has been your favourite thing you’ve done this week?

I’ve really enjoyed working with the team to develop concepts. Personally, I like to think big and bold, which is always useful when you’re trying to come up with ideas. When you’re a student, you can think like this but of course you rarely see it turn into anything. Whereas on an actual project, you can start to see your ideas become a reality; I love that!

As well as this, I’ve loved helping out on branding projects because my absolute favourite thing to work with is colour and visual design. I tried to apply some of the work I did in my dissertation on colour to the branding work I’ve been doing at mN.

I’ve also enjoyed working in a real studio environment; the amount of feedback and interaction you get from others is so useful for stimulating creativity. I love being able to bounce ideas off people. For this reason, I don’t think I’d want to be a freelancer; I love the social element of working at an agency. My philosophy is that everything about design is social; so you should be in a social environment when you are creating things.

What have you found most useful?

Surprisingly, I’ve found it extremely useful working with people outside of the creative department. For example, I’ve been working with Matt from the development team and he’s already shown me lots of new stuff I haven’t worked with before. It’s been really valuable to get an insight into how in-house development teams work and how they interact with creative teams.

Have you learnt anything new?

At Uni, I never particularly thought about budgets so it’s been really helpful sitting in on meetings where people have been discussing costings. Meetings like this have helped me to start getting my head around the business process behind design.

I’ve also gained a lot of insight into how you transform an idea into an actual project. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to do my work experience at a company with a smaller team, so that I could see the design process at every stage of the development, from start to finish.

What are your plans now?

I’m heading back to Leeds College of Art for about a month and then after that – that’s it. Uni over! I’m also hoping to come back to mN soon for another week’s work experience.

What do you want to achieve in your career?

Ultimately, I’d like to be a Creative Director. I want to oversee and manage all the creative projects in the company.

Very ambitious – I like it!

I know – that’s the plan! Maybe not straight away though…

Watch out Adam…Abi’s after your job!