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Neurodiversity in the City at DM16

26th September, 2016

Over the past few months we’ve been preparing for a very exciting event as part of Design Manchester 2016 in collaboration with BBC CAPE and Hyper Island and we are now ready to let you know all the details...

This year's Design Manchester festival (DM16) is celebrating the part design plays in making Manchester and other cities great to live in. Inclusivity and accessibility for all is a big part of this, so our recent work with the BBC CAPE team was a perfect opportunity to explore this.

Project CAPE is a new accessibility initiative developed by the BBC that aims to raise awareness of the positive role neurodiversity can have in the workplace. Project lead Leena Haque wants to share the message that everyone thinks differently and people across the neurodiverse spectrum have a huge amount to offer, often possessing talent and skills such as pattern and visual thinking, that can be applied to a range of roles and situations.

We worked closely with the CAPE team to help develop a visual identity for the project which provided us with a unique opportunity to explore the different ways in which people interpret design elements such as colours, imagery and patterns.

With the CAPE brand now launched, along with the BBC we have been looking for a way to share the story behind the project and get the design and tech community involved in the next phase of the project’s development and DM16 is a fantastic space for us to do this. To help facilitate this, we have collaborated with learning experience design specialists and creative business school Hyper Island to deliver and host the event.

The session will begin with an introduction by the CAPE team and will be followed by knowledge sharing and empathy exercises to help attendees understand the subject matter and get into the right mindset for the workshop. We will use best practice techniques championed by Hyper Island such as ‘World Cafe’ with the aim of the session being to help attendees empathise with people on the spectrum so they can apply this thinking to their everyday practices, whether it be design, development, etc.

This is a free event but we have limited spaces and they tickets are going quick, so please register here and join us!

You can also take part using the hashtag #NeurodiverCity.