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Now Cook It 4

Let's get cooking!

30th January, 2017

We’ve been working on a fantastic new foodie project recently and now the prep work is done and the worktops are wiped down, we’re ready to announce what we’ve been cooking up these past few months!

We’re delighted to introduce ‘Now Cook It’, a free online cooking course to inspire the nation to get cooking, brought to you by Co-op and SORTEDfood.

The idea behind Now Cook It first came about last year when a report into the cooking habits of 18-35 years olds, commissioned by Co-op, unearthed some shocking statistics. The report revealed one in four 18-35 year olds were not interested in learning how to cook, and 28% of those who can’t cook ‘don’t see why they should learn’. What’s more, instead of cooking from scratch using raw ingredients, they relied on ready made sauces and prepared meal kits.

Co-op knew something should be put in place to educate those that missed out on learning essential cooking skills, and so partnered with SORTEDfood - the world’s most engaging YouTube cooking channel. Together they embarked on a mission to give anyone the confidence to pick up a pan and start cooking. Soon enough, the idea for Now Cook It was born.

magneticNorth were appointed by Co-op to work with the partnership to help bring Now Cook It to life. Collaborating with the team at SORTEDfood, we designed a simple, engaging interactive experience which allowed their videos to shine. We also worked alongside Co-op development teams to build and test the product for release.

By focusing on the fundamentals of cooking, along with simple to follow, step by step instructions, Now Cook It does more than your average recipe site; it provides essential life skills while also being fun at the same time.

For the site’s design, we explored ways to make it feel playful and action-orientated. We created a range of iconography to reflect the Now Cook It personality and experimented with animation, particularly around signature interactions, to give the site an energetic, app-like feel.

We also knew it was essential Now Cook It delivered a great mobile experience for the generation who go everywhere with their phone, not least the kitchen. All recipes, know-how guides, status rewards etc. are shareable via social media, tapping into the idea of food as a social currency and cooking as a social activity. The whole experience invites everyone to get started in the kitchen and share their successes (and failures!) along the way.

To work on a project with such a positive social mission, alongside people passionate about food education has been incredibly rewarding for the whole mN team. Co-op and SORTEDfood are both organisations with community at their heart and this reflects our own beliefs, making the Now Cook It project feel like a natural collaboration and one we’re very pleased to have been a part of.

Now for the fun bit, seeing the young people of Britain prove what they’re capable of in the kitchen, with a little helping hand from the boys at SORTEDfood!

If you missed out on learning how to cook, or simply feel like you’d like to brush up on your skills, start your Now Cook It experience: