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Radioplayer redesign

BBC Radioplayer redesign

6th November, 2014

We’ve been working with the BBC on their Radioplayer product since 2012 and have recently collaborated with their team to redesign the site. We caught up with one of our Lead Developers, Peter Hough, who has worked on the project since day one.

What was the brief on the latest project and what are the changes that have been made?

Radioplayer allows people to listen to any radio station in the UK using a consistent console design. Within the console is a large area in the middle called the plug-in space this area can be customised by each station. The latest brief was for a redesign of the plug-in space for all BBC stations covering live streams, on demand programmes and clips.

Features in the new design include the following:

Animations - The new design is packed with slick animation effects. The programme information animates in to view and the panels have also been given an overhaul.

Schedule - Programme schedule information has been brought in to the console. This allows you to see what programmes are coming up or easily listen to on demand versions of programmes you have just missed.

Stations - The stations panel allows you to see at a glance all-national stations. You can see what programme is currently live and jump to that station allowing for better station discovery.

Favourites - Using BBC ID you can add programmes to your favourites list. The favourites tab allows this information to be viewed within the console.

Context Panel - The context panel is displayed at the bottom of the console and shows relevant information on what you are currently listening to such as related links, recommended programmes, and now playing information. The context panel expands to give a full view of track artwork and details on tracks recently played. BBC Playlister is integrated throughout these views allowing you to save your favourite tracks.

What is your favourite bit of the new site? Why?

My favourite area is the context panel. Previously track information was shown on a small area with a small image and there was no way of quickly finding information on tracks that had just played. The context panel gives richer track information and the large track artwork really makes an impact.

What do you think listeners will like / use the most?

I think listeners will also like the extended track information in the context panel. I hope they will also find the top tabs (schedule, stations and favourites) useful shortcuts.