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Our highlights from Reasons To Be Creative

9th October, 2015

It’s almost a month since we headed over to Brighton for the annual Reasons To Be Creative conference. Every year the very best international creative and developer speakers take to the stage to wow, inspire, inform, entertain, thrill, teach and mix with web designers and coders that attend from all over the world. One month on, we’ve been reflecting on the highlights from this year’s event that have stayed with us left us inspired for the winter months ahead.

If the unlimited free Redbull or the crazy opening titles weren't enough to blow our minds, then the abundance of brilliant speakers absolutely did.

Here’s our pick of the brilliant bunch from Reasons 2015:


  1. Stefanie Posavec

First up is Stefanie, a designer with an amazing imagination, whose focus is on translating data into designs. We were fascinated by her talk, which centred on the idea of being able to create emotional connections with data through design. It was great to see something that went beyond the boundaries of more traditional data visualisation projects.

  1. Andrew Spooner

Andrew is a Creative Technologist and User Experience Evangalist at Microsoft, UK. Along with his fellow Microsoft team, he covered the really interesting subject of Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning. It was fascinating to hear about how it is being used to understand the current levels of human happiness.

  1. Jane ni Dhulchaointigh

Jane is the creator of Sugru, the space age Blu-Tack that can be used to fix and modify just about anything. Her talk was highly personal as she took us through her journey from fine art graduate to designer and accidental inventor. It was inspiring to hear about her battle to bring Sugru into the world, reminding us that designers don’t have to ‘stay in [their] box’. 

  1. Yuko Shimizu

Yuko is a New York based illustrator whose beautifully intricate artwork can be found on the pages of the New York Times and other high profile publications as well as on billboards, murals and clothing. Her talk was titled ‘You’re never too old to achieve your dream’, of which she is living proof – at the age of 33 Yuko left her corporate job in Japan to pursue her passion, enrolling at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

  1. Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox is an artist, designer and inventor whose creations are as thought provoking as they are surreal. In the course of his hilarious presentation Dominic explained the thought process behind ideas like the Family Poncho, Reverse Bungee and Maraca Toothbrush that appear in his book ‘Variations on Normal’, as well as giving a live demonstration of a head mounted cereal crane created for Kellogg’s.


The value of experimentation seemed to be the underlying theme of this year’s conference with many of the speakers citing examples of how following their curiosity had led to fresh insights and new directions in their work, or in the case of Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, a world changing product.

Although it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everybody’s minds work in the same way as our own, the role of conferences like Reasons To Be Creative seems to be to remind us that our individuality is often our greatest asset.