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Talk UX

Lauren Currie: our highlight from Talk UX

24th April, 2015

Last month, Manchester played host to the annual Talk UX conference: an event that brings together the digital community to meet, learn and collaborate on all things UX.

We were delighted to attend and sponsor this year’s event as the organisers behind the conference, Ladies That UX, have been doing fantastic work and we always love getting involved in their projects.

This year’s event covered many different facets of User Experience design and finished with a talk from service designer Lauren Currie. Lauren is a new face on the Manchester tech scene and has recently joined our friends at Hyper Island as the Programme Manager of a new master’s course in Experience Design.

Lauren’s talk, entitled Designers: Guilty by Association, urged us designer types to spend our time working on the things that really matter to us; to use whatever skills we have to effect a positive change in the environment, to always be bolder in our ambitions and not to wait for the perfect conditions in which to do so.

What we loved about this talk was that it went beyond theoretical discussion; it posed a genuine challenge for designers to engage with the real world. For UX, it’s vital to stay connected to everyday experiences, and Lauren’s talk reinforced the reality that UX principles can be applied to just about anything. After all, experiences don’t just happen on screens.

Although rock star designers stand on-stage and encourage us to ‘think big’ at TED or SXSW, Lauren’s brilliant talk suggested more humble beginnings; your city, your company; your street; yourself - the Googles and the Apples of the world don’t always have it all covered.