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Lou Cordwell 2

What I've Learnt

15th April, 2014

Recently, our CEO and founder Lou Cordwell sat down with the team at Prolific North; an online publication who cover the media and creative services sector in the North West, to talk about the lessons learnt over her career for a feature called 'What I've Learnt'. The piece talks about a whole host of things including Lou leaving her role in the advertising world to set up a digital standalone in 2000; "Somebody actually said to me 'isn't it a bit niche?'", winning Kellogg's as their first client; "We had one dial-up laptop and were working from my mum's dining room table", through to the ambitions for the company over the next few years; "It feels like we are just getting going. What I do believe is that if you focus on doing great things for the right reasons with great people, commercial success follows."

You can read the full interview on the Prolific North site.