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BBC Writers Room

This is... a digital approach to finding new talent

The team at BBC Writersroom were drowning in post. More specifically, they were drowning in scripts from budding writers that wanted the opportunity to get discovered and write for the BBC. The Writersroom team (who are charged with seeking out new writing talent from across the UK) receive up to 10,000 scripts a year by post, which created a huge task for their team to manage manually. They needed a better way of managing the flow of scripts and so we worked with them to design and build a new e-submissions system

Designed to make the submission process easy for both the writers and the team at the BBC, we designed the interface to work across desktop and tablet devices. The feedback so far has been hugely positive and the submission system we made is to be used as the basis for another project we're working on with The Chris Evans Breakfast Show.   

The new e-submission system is currently attracting more than 50,000 users per month - that's a lot of budding writers!