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This is... the future of wayfinding

Continuing its charge to become one of the world's foremost digital cities by 2020, Manchester City Council wanted to introduce a digital wayfinding system to its city centre. We collaborated with them to create 'MiGuide' - a network of interactive touchscreens that offers residents and visitors an abundance of information about both getting around the city and making the most of all it has to offer.

The screens, which are powered by Cord, a digital screen management system created by mN, provide location-specific information about everything from events, attractions and nightlife to shopping, food and drink, accommodation and transport. For example, someone looking for a place to eat in the city’s St Ann’s Square can use the screen there to search through a range of options nearby, with directions, distance and transport details if necessary.

Key features of the Cord system powering the MiGuide screens include a flexible system that enables the MCC team to confidently push out content on day-to-day basis and straight away in the case of an incident (e.g. information in case of emergency). In addition to the MiGuide screens, Cord will be used to power screens in the Town Hall and Central Library when it reopens in 2014, with lots of possibilities for further uses across the city. Cord has been designed as a standalone product and will be available for other cities and organisations to purchase from magneticNorth in 2014.

The MiGuide screens sit as part of ten new interactive kiosks, designed by Peter Saville, which have been introduced by Manchester City Council and its outdoor advertising partner MediaCo. It's estimated that over two million people will use the MiGuide screens in the first year alone!

After their first month of being installed, Manchester City Council estimated that the MiGuide screens had been used by more than 250,000 people.