The blueprint for a unified experience


  • Assessing the relevance and purpose of existing apps
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Building a strong case for progression

Maintaining pace and identity

Digital progression is fierce, which makes it more important than ever for organisations to keep tabs on their digital assets. We partnered with Manchester City Football Club to undertake an analysis of their digital portfolio, focusing specifically on their app suite. They wanted to strengthen their digital offering and we provided the reasoning and plan of action to make it happen.

Knowledge is power

We kick started the process with an initial immersion phase. User personas and competitor analysis allowed us to measure the relative strengths and weaknesses of their current selection of apps. Understanding every aspect of the Manchester City situation was key and allowed us to move forward with both confidence and strong foundations for reasoning.

Reposition and realign

Though the various apps all served their purpose, what emerged from our work was a clear opportunity to improve alignment and overall performance. Our recommendations saw the five apps condensed down into one main hub with everything housed under one single experience. The app is by the club, for the fans. No matter who or where you are, you’re part of the team.

More than just an idea

Alongside our overall proposition was an implementation plan designed to make the executional phase as efficient and painless as possible. Our input doesn’t end at the final page of the strategy - we understand that moving swiftly into delivery is always critical to a project’s success.

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