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  • Creating a resource for younger audiences to improve their critical thinking
  • Evolving an existing brand into a fully functioning interface
  • Developing a platform that allows users to engage with short-form video

A home for high quality content

With clickbait and ‘fake news’ on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure we have access to content that is both thought provoking and trustworthy. BBC Ideas is made up entirely of high quality short-form video. In partnership with the BBC, we’ve created an interface that is distinguished by the ways in which the videos are displayed and explored. Whatever the user’s route in or interests, BBC Ideas is designed to stimulate critical thinking.

Multiple journeys with one unified goal

Informed by early usability testing, the platform design categorises journeys into two main threads - playlists and videos. The ‘playlist’ function adopts a continuous stream format, meaning users can easily digest high level content whilst letting the interface guide them. To cater for search-focused users there is the ‘video’ route that allows individuals to curate a personalised library. And of course, sometimes the two overlap and combine. Regardless of the route, the destination is always great, thought-invoking content.

Our design approach focuses heavily on getting people to videos of interest and encouraging them to begin watching. Once people are watching a video, we are then able to provide them with a continuous content stream in playlist format as well as recommending further playlists to explore.

Adam Todd, magneticNorth

A product of two halves

To encourage users to explore the BBC Ideas platform the concept is modelled on existing BBC resources. Using the BBC’s GEL (global experience language) Ideas has the familiarity of other BBC products. Yet, the interface’s new approach to search expands the BBC resource portfolio, pushing GEL into new realms. Carefully considered use of colour and typography enables users to easily distinguish the ‘video’ and ‘playlist’ pathways.

Demonstrating demand

As the design lead, we’ve been part of a team that has created an interface for Ideas’ content discovery approach. Evolving the branding in line with functionality aspects of the platform means the whole user experience is well rounded. Ideas now perfectly embodies its purpose, many routes to knowledge gain with trustworthy short-form video content at its core. The format allows us to see public success rates, more of which can be discovered in Bethan Jinkinson’s Medium article.

In April 2019, BBC Ideas was awarded a much coveted Webby Award in the Video category for Public Service & Activism. In partnership with the BBC Ideas team, we’re proud to have created a resource designed to stimulate the minds of young audiences, and we're delighted it's already delivering on the original vision.

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