Enhancing life skills


  • Transforming young adults’ approach to cooking
  • Using a reward system to encourage learning
  • Balancing function and playfulness to engage users


Convenience vs. cookery

With a rise in convenience has come a dip in cookery skills for the millennial generation. Takeaways and food delivery apps have bypassed time spent in the kitchen and with convenience continuing to dominate the food industry, there’s little sign of this trend phasing out. Now Cook It was developed in partnership with Co-op and SORTEDfood in a bid to get young adults cooking again.

Staying relevant

Design research quickly showed us how to structure the content but the real challenge lay in converting users. Traditional recipe formats have become outdated for millennials and SORTEDfood’s influence in creating a new style of recipe video highlighted an exciting opportunity to engage our audience. Having established a clear vision for the content, the design process focussed on the presentation and communication of Now Cook It.

Creating an exciting challenge

Now Cook It is a dynamic web interface based on a reward system and shareable content. Rather than simply going through the motions of following instructions, each recipe video is linked with learning a new cookery skill. Once the recipes are complete they unlock reward badges. Users can develop their cookery skills as they make their dinner. Over 500,000 page views on the website per month (source: SORTEDfood) is proof that our positioning, format and function is a success.

First impressions count

Utilising a clean brand identity and component-based website structure, Now Cook It is immediately inviting. It attracts young adults and mimics functions they are familiar with using elsewhere. We’ve designed a digital solution to an analogue problem that enhances physical and cognitive skill through an automated reward system. By reversing the negative associations with cooking, we’ve been able to help cookery be perceived as valuable and relatable again.

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