Redefining AV content exploration


  • Designing a new approach to video content exploration
  • Building a platform to house the AV content
  • Visualising connections between multiple stories

Delving into the unknown

Our existing knowledge can act as a barrier to content discovery. How can we search for something if we don’t even know it exists? The BBC wanted to reinvent the way young adults explore content to allow for unpredictable, but beneficial, journeys of discovery. Beginning with a snippet from the Tomorrow’s World podcast, we created a new universe of audio-visual content called Connections.

Why do most websites and apps assume people will browse for video and audio content by reading? ‘Tomorrow’s World Connections’ is an experiment in exploring Tomorrow’s World video & podcast episodes, and the cutting edge ideas they tackle, by watching and listening, rather than reading. magneticNorth has been crucial in realising this vision - the mN team’s confidence, skill, and real creativity shines through in the Connections prototype.

Chris Sizemore, Commissioning Editor for digital, BBC Tomorrow’s World

Shifting the focus

As users, we’re often more concerned with the fact that two subjects are connected than how they’re linked. Within Connections, snippets in the interface are connected in multiple ways and as a result, create a more ambiguous approach to discovery. Through the platform, and in collaboration with the BBC, we’ve encouraged wider than normal content exploration.

One swipe, endless journeys

The result of these surprising, and remarkable, connections is a web of new content. Intuition guides the user experience and there’s never a wrong answer. Exploration is rewarded with relevant stories which, in turn, expand horizons, with no dead ends. The connections between content become tangible and the next snippet of information is just one swipe away.

This is the first project of its kind. Together with the BBC we have created a completely different way to explore and navigate content on the web.

Adam Todd, magneticNorth

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