Shaping digital education services with design research


  • Challenging a redesign brief to improve the overall UX (user experience) across services
  • Researching the current state of services and providing a roadmap to an ideal state
  • Utilising the power of user research to inform service strategy

Scoping potential

In a previous project, we used UX design to improve the experience of a service provided by a not-for-profit organisation that supports the education sector. After we had successfully completed the redesign, the client asked us to expand our consultancy to cover their other seven related services. Before moving forwards however, we felt it would be more valuable to first assess how each of these other services interacted as a combined suite.

Once we had identified the potential to streamline the client’s service offering we put the plan to key stakeholders, which outlined our suggestions to rework the brief in order to give them a more efficient outcome.

Bringing recommendations to life

Following the approval of our proposal to explore the potential consolidation of the services, we undertook an extensive user research phase of work that allowed us to understand the current usage of the existing offering. Based on our findings, which were captured in user journey maps in order to facilitate the decision making process, we created a set of recommendations that would transform the suite of services into an ideal state that better mapped to common workflow tasks and user needs.

Our recommendations were supported by a visual roadmap, which outlined a plan for the transformation of the services. Our initial assumptions were confirmed, as we recommended for seven services to become three. Yet it was the qualitative data underpinning the recommendations that enabled the client team to make their final decisions.

Allowing our client to realise their potential

The original brief outlined a typical UX redesign challenge, yet we could see it held more potential than that. By challenging the brief we were able to support the client with the delivery of a vastly improved suite of services for the education sector, and a pathway to get there too. It was by speaking to the client’s users that we got to our final recommendations. We just needed to know how to extract the information from them in the right way and translate recommendations into an actionable roadmap to a future vision.

Design that’s led by data

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