Agencies need a digital mindset - 5 reasons why

Jan 10 2019

There’s some disparity between traditional and digital agencies, and it’s a gap we need to close. To stay relevant in the digital age, original creatives need to adapt their thinking to align with digital initiatives. Alignment means increased competition, but competition is healthy and urges us to create the best work, meaning we can continue to develop the influence of design and digital together. We need to maintain our attributes that ground us, but digital thinking allows us to move into the next gear. Here’s why…

A digital mindset

1. Pace

If you’re slow you get left behind. Although analogue was the industry’s original approach, it just can’t keep up with the momentum of digital. Time changes landscapes and in order to preserve the legacy of traditional creative methods they need a little adaptation to stay relevant. It’s not about losing integrity, but maintaining purpose.

2. For the creative industry

In order for our industry to continue to thrive we must all progress. Each agency is distinctive in its own way but we all have the same motives at our cores. As technology advances so will digital communications, meaning the opportunities available to our sector will multiply too. We need to be ready and waiting to seize those chances (all of them!).

3. To attract talent

Individuals who are driven and focused will be thinking long term, and what’s a secure long term strategy? Digital. We want to reassure the current creative community and those choosing their future pathways that we’re the ones to join. Lead by example, show your investment in the future, and it becomes an investment in their future. The sky’s the limit and we need to be advocates of that message.

4. The Industrial Revolution 4.0

The last revolution in the mid-twentieth century marked the beginning of the digital age and now, some seventy years later, we’re in the midst of another change. Instead of focusing on the presence of technologies, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 explores how their boundaries merge to create a stronger force. The current movement is the key to our future so, as creatives, we need to be the ones pioneering it - together.

5. ‘Digital detracts from creativity’

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We know there’s nothing quite like a freshly printed book, one where you can feel the paper stock and smell the freshly pressed ink, but a digital approach doesn’t mean we don’t create things. The physical act of making inspires us to deliver the best products possible, digital or not.

As we've already said, it’s not about changing principles, but a shift in thinking. Digital needs to permeate all levels of the creative sector, it’s not an option for companies (or individuals) to ignore that fact. Here at mN, we’ve been at the forefront of the digital evolution since 2000 and we can’t wait to uncover its further potential with the combined force of the entire creative community.

Sophie, Studio & Brand Manager

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