Britain, Take a Bow!

Mar 11 2019

As we inch ever closer to the dreaded 29th March deadline, there’s a palpable and growing sense of unrest across the country. It’s been almost three years since our nation decided to sever ties with the EU, and with just weeks to go until we’re supposed to sign those divorce papers, we seem to be no closer to reaching a decision on how to go our separate ways. In amongst the nationwide Brexit chaos, we’ve had the opportunity to contribute to one of the more creative responses to the discord.

Britain, Take a Bow! is a generative artwork developed by Graeme Crowley that sets out to convey our conflicting views of nationalism that are linked to the Brexit debate. The piece is made up of contributions from artists from all across the UK (a collaboration that somewhat juxtaposes the current political unrest) and Abi and Molly, two of our design team, have led on bringing the magneticNorth take to life.

Britain, Take a Bow!

In our contribution we wanted to reflect the broken and turbulent atmosphere that currently surrounds Brexit, as well as considering how visuals and audio might work together in an evocative way. Our reaction consisted of broken typography (in large type), that was housed in harsh shapes, with hints of the Union Jack blue pulled through to represent ties with nationalism, and the disjointed national anthem soundtrack. The visuals and messaging are randomised each time Britain, Take a Bow! is refreshed, so our pieces of design are compiled in an infinite number of ways alongside other artists’ work to represent the current broken pieces of our nation.

Using design to create a response to Brexit was empowering, sometimes you need more than words to express your feelings, and Britain, Take a Bow! does just that.

Molly, UX Designer

How are we portraying ourselves to the rest of the world? It’s certainly disjointed, to say the least, and we wanted to visualise that.

Britain, Take a Bow!

Britain, Take a Bow!’s collaborative nature marks a sense of togetherness in the midst of the unrest, and it’s art that’s allowed us to channel our thoughts into a creative representation of the current state of affairs. We’re marking the discord, but coming together in doing so.

Being able to contribute to a piece of design that is grounded in the current climate was enjoyable and therapeutic. Now that we’ve all had our say, we’ve got to sit back and see what happens at the end of the month. Check out the Britain, Take a Bow! piece and get a taste for the scale of the effects of the divide.

Which interpretation will you see?

A generative artwork in response to Brexit

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