Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint - the highlights

Mar 20 2020

Here in Greater Manchester we’re known for delivering results, not empty promises, and the launch of the Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint is proof of that.

On Thursday 6th February around 250 people from all corners of the tech industry gathered to hear what the Blueprint has in store for the place we call home over the next three years, and the event certainly didn’t disappoint. Bringing everything together and hosting the event was Lou, our Founder and CEO, who’s been an integral part of the development of the plan and also recently appointed Co-Chair of the GM LEP. So, if you weren’t able to make it to the launch we’re doing a quick recap of the main things that were revealed.

The GM Digital Blueprint launch

The announcement of a UK-first app

The city was proud to release Early Years, an app that’s been developed to digitise the paper-based assessments that are used to review childrens’ development until they’re two and a half years old. This piece of innovative technology is something to be proud of and it’ll help to give the children of Greater Manchester the best possible start in life.

Mayor Andy Burnham at the GM Digital Blueprint launch

The headlines of the plan

  1. One ambition is to see an increase in basic digital skills in adults. The city wants to see the number of adults who have all five basic digital skills (communicating/handling info/transacting/problem solving/being safe and legal) increase to 80%.
  2. We want to see an average download speed that exceeds 100MPS, which would be more than triple the speed of 2017, which was 32MPS.
  3. Increase the number of employees in the Digital and Creative industries from 86,000 to 96,000. It’s an already impressive figure, so we can’t wait to see the positive impact of even more growth.
  4. This one’s looking a little further out to see the Digital and Tech economy reach £5.5 billion by 2025, and then £7 billion by 2029.

In true Manchester fashion…

There’s no doubt that the key to delivering on all of these ambitions is collaboration, and that’s the message Mayor, Andy Burnham took to the stage to deliver. Each and every person that’s connected to the Digital, Creative and Tech industries plays their own part in the story of Greater Manchester’s growth and our ambition to be a top 5 digital European city.

The GM Digital Blueprint launch

So, we’ll end by going back to our first point. We’re here to make things happen and now that we have a clear, structured pathway to get there thanks to the Blueprint, it’s down to us as the digital community to make it happen.

To read the full Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint just click here.