How design is empowering women in tech

Apr 9 2019

With its sole focus on supporting girls’ and women’s routes into the tech sector, Debbie Edwards’ FDisruptors already had a strong ethos when we began working together. Our brief was to help her create a visual style that represents the sector-transformative work FDisruptors is doing. Design and branding are an integral part of any business, as is female presence in business and tech, so all in all it was a perfect match!

The brief was very much a visual one, we shared Pinterest boards with each other and there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing with inspiration and ideas to get a feel for the style we were trying to achieve. Abi instantly connected with the brief.

Debbie, CEO FDisruptors


Building the brand

“I wanted to create a heart and soul for FDisruptors” - Debbie had already done the groundwork on the business identity, and we needed to inject the visual personality and bring it to life. Led by Abi, one of our Senior Designers, the brand is based around a previously existing logo, and from that we built a style guide to give FDisruptors some structure. What’s the difference between a brand and a logo? You can stick a logo on anything and it will mean nothing to anyone who interacts with it, whereas a brand evokes feeling and permeates all levels of a company’s presence so that whenever the audience engages with it, it’s instantly recognisable.

Setting the boundaries

Within a few days we'd created the style guide, which is essential for maintaining consistency. “Brand guidelines outline the safe boundaries of design but allow for ultimate creativity too”, as Debbie put it herself. They’re guidelines, not rules, after all! The guide outlines how the assets behave responsively, and how the look and feel applies to social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, all of which are vital points of contact for FDisruptors’ target audience (females, aged 16-24 that we want to inspire to join the tech world).

Verdict time

For Debbie, “it was essential to perfect the brand before putting it out to market.” If you want to make an impact, it’s got to be right. FDisruptors’ distinctive style made it easier to break into the careers industry, the brand demands attention and industry experts were (and still are) blown away by the well-rounded proposition.


The focus on design is unmistakable, and by connecting with their audience on a level like no other education business, FDisruptors is the perfect bridge between corporate organisations and the female future of tech.

This is more than just a brand

The project itself is a demonstration of the power of design. Working with Debbie, we’ve been able to create a brand for FDisruptors that visualises the ethos of the business and is allowing the company to make waves in the education, careers and tech sectors.

Sophie, Studio & Brand Manager