Manchester Design Manifesto Do Tank #1

Jun 13 2019

Whilst the Design Manifesto team have been busy in recent months building vital partnerships across the city region, Do Tank #1 was an opportunity to assemble Manchester’s design community to discuss the vision and future plans for the initiative. What do we need to do to create the internationally significant, inclusive and well designed Greater Manchester that we all want? On a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the city we gathered together to debate just that.

Do Tank #1

In short, the Manifesto is setting out to:

  • Tell the story of Manchester’s design heritage
  • Leverage the power of design across the city region
  • Create new stories that demonstrate Manchester’s unique design approach and ambition
  • Illustrate how design is making a difference for Manchester’s people, visitors and businesses

The gathering kicked things off with a discussion around everyone’s favourite Manchester design stories, which ranged from Hatch on Oxford Road to the Manchester ship canal, and everything in between. Then the panel, which consisted of Susie Stubbs (MD of Modern Designers and Chair of Castlefield Gallery), Professor Rachel Cooper (ImaginationLancaster) and Professor Tom Jefferies (Manchester School of Architecture) with our very own Lou Cordwell as chair, opened a conversation that explored which aspects of Manchester have the greatest need and potential to be made better through the power of design.

Do Tank #1

Some of the most popular suggestions from the floor were:

  • Creating long term, low-cost creative spaces in the city and town centres
  • Integrated transport and smart mobility
  • Open and green spaces in the centre (parks and vertical gardens)
  • Tackling health and long term unemployment
  • Creative education and skills pathways
  • Design of civic services
  • Addressing homelessness and rough sleeping
  • Age-inclusive design
  • Digital wellness

If you missed the get together and want a full recap of Do Tank #1 you can watch it in full, here.

It was great to see so much passion in the room and hear so many great ideas on how design can improve the city we love.

Do Tank #1
Do Tank #1

In true Manchester fashion, collaboration will continue to be central to the Design Manifesto approach so if you’d like to get involved then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

Sophie, Studio & Brand Manager