Planet Juice and its digital gravity…

Jun 3 2019

Let’s rewind to 2000

Who knew one of the first projects we ever created would still be significant nineteen years later? Well, we certainly hoped it would, and just a few months ago Planet Juice popped up in the studio again.

Way back in our first year as an agency we developed the idea to build a new digital world for kids, an interactive utopia where children (namely 7-11 year olds) could safely connect with each other. Sponsored by Capri Sun, one of Coca Cola’s brands, we had the exciting opportunity to bring this idea to life.

Planet Juice

A safe online galaxy

When children logged into Planet Juice, they could choose their mood in the form of a Juicling character (each fruity flavour had its own avatar), then either play the games by themselves or invite a friend to join in.

Kids were sheltered by their profile, which protected their identities, and they could use a fixed chat pad to make friends and communicate with others who were playing online at the same time. With hundreds of thousands of children visiting Planet Juice at a time when only around 25% of the UK had access to the internet, it’s safe to say the project was a huge success.

Planet Juice

In the same orbit

Fast forward now to 2019 and we’re starting to think about our approaching twenty year anniversary (yes, twenty years of mN!). This milestone means we’re beginning to think about how we archive two decades of work and it’s a nostalgic process, which has brought back surprising memories for Abi, one of our senior designers.

Talk of the fruity characters and the games that featured on Planet Juice reminded her of playing the game when she was younger. Nineteen years later and Abi is working for the company that created one of her first and favourite websites.

Planet Juice was something that my brother and I would fight over to get to the computer first (of course, I always won.) Sitting here at my desk at mN looking through the original design files was like being transported back to my childhood!

Abi, Senior Designer

It’s a digital evolution

Like every busy studio, we focus most of our energies on the present and the future but it’s great to take some time out to reflect on, and celebrate, some of the things we’ve made along the way. They may be in the past, but they’ve informed who we are today and no matter which direction the industry takes, digital design will always be at the heart of mN’s culture.

Sophie, Studio & Brand Manager

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