Sounds of mN

Apr 22 2020

This is a bit of a different topic for us but music is a big part of our day in the studio and, as we all know, it’s an intrinsic part of Manchester culture too. With our lives now quieter on the social front, there’s no better time to share some of our favourite sounds that we’re all still listening to from our kitchen tables and makeshift offices, in the hope that you’ll find something new to listen to as well.

01. The companion [all day long]

BBC Radio 6 - the perfect balance between alternative music (old and new) and mellow commentary. It’s a regular go-to for us, especially Lauren Laverne’s show in the mornings.

02. Something genre-less [approx. 8 hours]

POLLEN on Spotify is a trusty playlist for discovering new music. Described as, ‘Genre-less. Quality first always’ it’s regularly updated with new sounds and it’s perfect at any time of the day.

03. Variety [approx. 6 hours]

Another Spotify playlist, but this time it’s Front Left. This one’s another fail-safe option for us that fills the atmosphere nicely, but doesn’t overpower. Emerging alternative music all in one place.

04. The Friday playlist [ours is 8 hours long]

This one’s not so much a music suggestion, more something to create.

We have our own mN Friday playlist that we all add songs to, so whatever your Friday mood might be, it’s a great way to get everyone involved. Colleagues, friends, family - it works across the board.

Ours is an eclectic mix of early 2000s pop and hip hop, eighties disco and everything in between.

05. Quiet time [unlimited]

Music can be distracting, too. Sometimes all you need is a quiet hour or two to focus and get something done, and we get that. Whether it’s white noise, meditative sounds or complete silence, we all have our own techniques that work for us.

Music brings people together and though we’re not physically able to be in the same place at the moment we can still use it to feel connected. As we continue to navigate our way through this ‘new normal’ it’s important for us to maintain these points of contact that bring familiarity and reassurance, and music is a big one for us. Whether it’s on low in the background or if you’re blasting it through your headphones, you can be sure you’ll be able to find a soundtrack to your mood for the day.