Your data, your say. Introducing: BBC Box

Jul 10 2019

The discussion about what our data is being used for with, or without, our conscious consent continues to rumble on. Most of us think that personal data should stay just that - personal, and that we should have the right to say what companies and organisations use our information for. At the same time, our data is essential for the personalisation of many of our favourite products and services and so designing the right data solutions for the future is a very important challenge.

No surprise then that the BBC R&D team have been working on a very exciting project in this territory, and it’s something we’ve been proud to be a part of.


BBC Box is an exploration into how personal information is stored and used by third party applications. It’s a home for your data that keeps everything under one roof - literally. The information is stored on a physical device, and can only be accessed with the permission of the owner, meaning you can regulate access to your valued data.

The prototype is currently being tested with a group of users to explore the real life application and implications of this progressive product. Taking on the role of UX and design lead, in collaboration with the BBC R&D’s UX&D team, it’s been our job to help define the digital proposition and experience for BBC Box. Together, with all of the project partners, we’ve been able to help Box reach its first significant milestone.

Our full case study is on its way soon, but in the meantime we wanted to share the news about this amazing new project. You can read the BBC’s full piece here.

Sophie, Studio & Brand Manager